Printed Circuit Board

We can help you all the way – from idea to production.

We provide exceptional PCB layout service

Our PCB layout services are about a lot more than the design of the board itself. It also calls for strong relationships between us and our clients. We’re only as successful and happy as our customers are, which is why we insist on daily contact. We need to make sure that our clients have a fully transparent and updated overview of the design process, so they can make sure that the design is taking off in the right direction.

Concurrently, but just as important, sound relationships also ensure that our clients feel safe and comfortable working with us, entrusting us with the important information that we need to deliver on our promises. That’s why we sign solid non-disclosure agreements with all clients so that everybody is fully insured.

Exceptional service is also about ensuring that the final product is actually viable – this should be a given. That’s why we offer electric simulations of all designs to make sure that it works as intended – something that you won’t find in most PCB design houses.

Our services cover, but are not limited to, the following areas

With more than 25 years of experience with PCB design, we’re fully competent to design an array of different layouts, in any IPC class. It won’t matter if you’re looking to produce a simple transistor radio or devices for aeronautical use, we can help you with all of it.

Furthermore, we also offer consulting services within other aspects of PCB production. If you’ve already designed your own PCB and you wish to test its functionality, we also offer to do simulations to ensure the final functionality of the design.

PCB design processes can be a hassle, without the right experience. We can help you find the right materials, right manufacturers and guide you through the entire production process as well.

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