More than 30 years of experience within PCB Design

 - RigidPCB (up to 20 layers), flex-rigid PCB (8 layers), flexible PCB (2 layers)

- High-speed design (delay tuning), controlled impedances, microvias, blind/buried vias, etc.

- EMI/EMC-optimized layout

- Up to 3500 components on PCB, HDI PCB, up to 2000 pin BGA packages, DDR3/4 memories, PCIe 3.0, HDMI, USB3.0, 10GigEhternet, up to 20A power source layout, and more..

- RF structures

- Products from industrial, automotive, medical, telecommunication

- Communication with PCB suppliers (technical capabilities, stack-up and DFx consultations, etc.)

- Consulting service regarding choice of PCB stackup, material choice etc.


Steen Kaare Grøndahl E.E.

IPC-A-600 Specialist

IPC-A-610 Specialist 


We provide exceptional PCB layout service

- Cooperation inside multicultural teams in world-wide projects (daily basis communication via emails, Skype, screen sharing, teleconferences)

- Experience with time-tight projects – incomplete or permanently changing schematics, mechanical inputs and requirements with tight deadlines

- Responsibilities and automotive standards compliance check

- Experience with managing complex projects sets, self processing and inputs delegation across the PCB team (several layouters working on a product, even a single PCB)

- On-site support on request

Interim Engineering

Our PCB Designer is able to:

-  Design circuit boards that adhere to your design requirements

- Communicate with external suppliers (PCB and mechanical vendors, DFx services, assembly houses)

- Offer an onsite and offsite or mixed support as necessary to ensure that both timescales and cost constraints are met

- Offer support for short, medium and long-term projects as you require

Application Areas

Our services cover, but are not limited to, the following areas:

- Automotive

- Embedded solutions


- RF and wireless communication

- Telecommunication

- Industrial


Main tools used during the design phase: